About us

About our portal

Jobseekers.dk is a job portal, especially for international job seekers.

The classic job portals are often not minded at international job seekers, as they don’t understand the language or the culture of the “job seeking landscape”. Furthermore, the classic recruitment process can be long and slow.

Instead of posting a job opening and waiting for job seekers to write and send their application, why not find the perfect match online, in a few simple steps.

We match job seekers and companies through few simple steps online, directly on our platform, without long recruitment processes and heavy applications.

By using video presentations and keywords for both job seekers and companies, we cut down the timeline, and make the recruitment process smooth and simple.

We deliver a high level of service for both job seekers and companies securing the perfect match.

About the company

JOBSEEKERS is founded in Aalborg, Denmark, where we discovered that thousands of international students were looking for a job. In a few months, 4.000 students in the city joined a Facebook group, International Jobseekers in Aalborg, where companies could search for employees.

With this insight we decided to make a portal where companies and job seekers could find each other, easy and simple, ON DEMAND, in all cities, all countries.